Message From Our President

All of us at Dovetail Communications hope you are doing well in what is certainly unprecedented times.  During times like these it becomes very apparent how connected we all are and how important a role everyone plays in keeping Canada safe. Thank you to all the first responders, healthcare workers, researchers, scientists, grocery store workers, truck drivers and all of you for doing your part, big or small.

As always and during this time especially, we are working hard to keep the lines of communication open.  We honestly feel we are all in this together.

As change is inevitable, we wanted to keep you up to date on what is going on with our business as we continue to support our clients.

  • The physical offices of Dovetail Communications are closed but we are all working from home with the necessary tools to keep going.
  • We are continuing to deliver advertising, editorial, design, production and marketing functions to our clients.
  • Our sales team is on call to help you continue your business conversations and adapt your marketing messages.
  • We are more than happy to connect via conference call, Zoom call or your communication tool of choice!

We continue to have a positive and optimistic outlook.  Collaborating with you we can quickly adapt and continue to do amazing and essential work together.

Visit our website where you can also find our social media channels or reach out to me personally at

Stay safe!

Susan A. Browne, B.A., M.A.


Dovetail Communications Inc.

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