Join Our Team

We’re like a big family at Dovetail…minus the inappropriate jokes at Thanksgiving, the dreaded kiss on the lips from Grandma, and the excessive use of your middle name when you’re being called. And if you’re lucky, you may just get some of mom’s cooking in the kitchen. Here we have each other’s back, we celebrate each other’s success and we know that when we work together we build strong relationships and achieve our shared goals. Not only are we like a big family, family has been our number one value since our opening. We want Dovetail to be a place where you want to work so we give you resources you need for a successful career as well as a healthy personal life. Some companies call this the work life balance, but we refer to it as the linchpin. Without a team that feels secure at home we find it hard to expect them to reach their full potential at work. It’s as simple as that.


Aside from that, there are some key reasons to join our team.

  • Extensive room for growth in sales, marketing & communications
  • Competitive salaries & benefits
  • Flexible scheduling, prioritizing personal & family needs
  • Upbeat, informative & fun staff meetings
  • Social events that bring us closer together including charity runs, holiday parties, bbqs and more
  • Volunteer opportunities within our community to create a better, brighter world



We Want You 

If we’ve done our job, we’ve pointed out the plethora of benefits of working at Dovetail. But don’t be fooled – we want people who are hard working, team oriented, and feel comfortable working in a fast paced environment. You must be motivated, organized and willing to take on multiple projects at once, as well as hit deadlines. If you feel like you fit this description, see below for some awesome opportunities at Dovetail. If you don’t see an opportunity that fits, but believe you’d be an unbelievable asset, shoot us an email at

Interested in one of the available positions? Email your resume along with the job title you’re applying for to