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The OPC Register, the official publication of the Ontario Principal’s Council (OPC), and reaches EVERY public school principal and vice-principal in Ontario + top-tier education officials and education stakeholder groups throughout Ontario.

Published three times per year and with a readership of over 8,700+*, The OPC Register is an influential voice to professionals in the education sector.

OPC readers are powerful professionals responsible for a multitude of decisions including office & supplies purchases, budget recommendations, and technology upgrades.

73% read every issue**
79% are involved in the purchasing process and of that 71% grant the final recommendation and/or approval**
91% agree it keeps them up-to-date/well informed about education topics and issues**

Top 3 Actions Taken After Seeing an Advertisement**
1. Visited a website
2. Kept the magazine for future reference
3. Passed information/magazine on to someone else

Sources: *Publisher’s Statement June 2018, **The OPC Register 2017 Reader Survey


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