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The Register, as the official publication of the Ontario Principals’ Council® (OPC), is the trusted source delivered digitally to every public school principal and vice-principal in Ontario, as well as top-tier education officials and stakeholders. Now, more than ever, our readers are responsible for making school-level decisions that impact students, staff and teachers.

As schools re-open, reaching decision-makers will be more important than ever. The Register provides you with the opportunity to connect with school leaders across the province. Your advertising will directly reach the people who run schools, manage staff, organize professional learning, oversee fundraising and coordinate school trips. Our Members are always looking for new ideas and products. Be part of the only professional magazine that more than 5,400 principals and vice-principals receive three times a year. Help us make our schools better!

90% agree it keeps them up-to-date/well informed about education topics and issues
79% are involved in the purchasing process
72% administer a spending budget

Top 4 Actions Taken After Seeing an Advertisement
1. Visited a website
2. Kept the magazine for future reference
3. Passed information/magazine on to someone else
4. Purchased a product/service/called for more information

Sources: The Register 2017 Reader Survey


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Marlene Mignardi
Account Executive